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….the only place that will put up with your ash…..

Welcome to Cuenca Cigars, your most trusted cigar online store when it comes to your smoking needs. Find here the best variety of cigars, a huge selection of small boutique blends and rare or hard to find cigars. We are not the biggest but the friendlier and more given internet shopping experience around the wold. With your first cigar purchase of $150 or more you received a Free Cuenca Perfect Cutter and a Cuenca Lighter from Xikar with life time warranty. This is the place when you are not sure about what to smoke or when you want to try new cigars. You only pick up the phone and ask the employees for some guidance. We have super friendly schedule, what about 7 days a week? That’s right, even on Sundays you can call us! You can also buy singles or 5 packs in every one of our Brands and still qualify for discounts and Free Continental USA Shipping in order over $99. Among all the cigar brands you may know you will find here My Father, Davidoff, Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, Rocky Patel, Alec Bradley, Frank Herrera, Maya Selva, Flor de Selva, Oliva, Nub, Melanio from Oliva Cigars and much more. Our Service is Top Notch and we match all the online prices! Let’s do it together and start today the best and longer cigar friendly relationship. Cuenca Cigars is located in the heart of Downtown Hollywood, Florida. We ship all over the USA!

Cuenca Cigars is a bar, a patio, a cappuccino bar situated adjacent to a “Members Only” Lounge. Enthusiasts gather for a great coffee, beer and wine at outside tables and signature cigars in lounge. Owners greets guests with a cigar in one hand and a fun attitude, providing cigars bars aren’t just a boy’s Club anymore. Their active Facebook pages pitches promotions, drawings and comedy nights. It is truly an inviting aura that is unpretentious and sophisticated. Hollywood Gazette, 2011.

Our company was founded on March 2006 and since them is been one of the most aggressive retailer from the industry. During difficult times when most Retailers closed their doors or went out of business, Cuenca Cigars found its path to build a passionate clientele. Cuenca Cigars is now known through the country probably better that other big retailers. Most people can not understand how this cozy cigar shop is today one of the more prestigious retails of the tobacco industry.

Cuenca Cigars has extended its limits beyond common sense. Today, Cuenca Cigars has diverted has a Montecristo Lounge Private Club, Smoking with the Caballos Mobile Cigars, http://www.cuencacigars.com for Internet Market and all the possible social networking tools available now.

With over 5,000 Facebook followers, Cuenca Cigars has today built a cozy boutique kind of cigar environment that invite every one to come and stay.

Why should you visit Cuenca Cigars? Here there are just a few reasons. The casual atmosphere, a well stocked cigar shop, an outdoor sidewalk, a Montecristo Lounge, plenty of people watching, the friendly clientele, the nearby restaurants, the most welcoming greeting “Hello My Friend” and a suspenders trend Cuenca Cigars as established….. And every night the local ice cream truck stops by with refreshing treats. You can not ask for more. So, make your plans and reserve your space on the municipal parking for a fun night!

Mission….the only place that will put up with your ash…..
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Cuenca Cigars
1928 Harrison Street
Hollywood, FL 33020

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