2021 and 2021 Tatuaje Advent Calendar 24 Cigars

The Tatuaje Advent Calendar 2022 – A Countdown to Christmas Like No Other!

It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays, especially if you’re a cigar aficionado. If that sounds like you, then you won’t want to miss out on the Tatuaje Advent Calendar 2022. This exclusive holiday package from Tatuaje Cigars is sure to make your countdown to Christmas an even more special experience than usual.

What’s in the Box?
The Tatuaje Advent Calendar contains 24 individually-wrapped cigars, each of which is a unique blend of Nicaraguan and Cuban tobaccos. It also includes a limited edition ashtray as well as stickers and other accessories. Plus, it comes with its own custom humidor so that your cigars stay fresh throughout the season.

The Benefits of the Tatuaje Advent Calendar
Apart from providing you with an incredible selection of cigars, this advent calendar has some other key benefits too. First off, it’s great for those who are looking to expand their knowledge and palate when it comes to different cigar blends. With so many different options available in one package, this advent calendar offers an excellent way to get introduced to many different types of cigars without having to buy full boxes. It also makes a great gift for any cigar enthusiast in your life!

Plus, since all of the cigars come individually wrapped and sealed in airtight packaging, they will stay fresh for months even after opening them up—perfect for slowly savoring each day leading up to Christmas or enjoying over several weeks or months after the holidays have passed.

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate the holiday season this year, then look no further than the Tatuaje Advent Calendar 2022! Packed with 24 different high-quality cigars and plenty of accessories and extras, this exclusive package is perfect for both newbies and seasoned aficionados alike. Get your hands on one now before they’re all gone!