How to Season a Humidor the Right Way

You’re a cigar smoker, which means you need to know how to season a humidor correctly. This is important to learn for newbies, as well as seasoned cigar smokers. If you’re a cigar lover but haven’t yet learned how to season a humidor, then it’s about time you do. Not taking care of your cigars properly will only end in wasted money.

Your cigars will give in to humidity and spawn mildew and mold. Cigars aren’t cheap so it’s essential to know how to properly contain them so they last as long as possible. In this video, we discuss how to season a humidor so you can prevent spoiling your cigars. The processes we share are very easy to do and remember. You won’t have to spend much time doing this so there’s no excuse not to. Take a look at this video today to learn how you can properly season a humidor for your cigars.

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