20% off selected item. Offers ends at midnight on Labor Day. Hurry Up!

Happy Labor Day 2016

Labor Day 2016 celebrating with amazing discounts. offers ends al midnight

Labor Day is a national holiday to celebrate the hard workers in USA and worldwide. In observance to this great day we are throwing out this MUST SEE discount in our website. This is a sale that wont last and you sure want to check if your favorite cigars are part of the special. That is an additional 20% Discount on the already discounted online cigar prices. You deserve to smoke only the best cigars on the market without having to expend a fortune. So this is it!

For a very limited time only get this 20% off your cigar purchase. Minimum purchase required %99.99 and the sale ends at Midnight on Labor Day 2016.

All you need to dois to visit Cuenca Cigars online and search for everything you have ever dreamt of, put them in the shopping cart and see what the LABOR2016 coupon code has to offer.

For a limited time only find here the best cigar prices. Best of the best on selected brands. This offer can’t be combined with any other offer online or in store.

Always keep in man that the beauty of Cuenca Cigars is that you can single or five pack out every cigar, and still use the discount code! That’s right!

So, go online between today and midnight of Labor Day Holiday and ORDER your cigars!

Shop Now Green Season

Shop Now Green Season


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