Maya Selva Cigar Promotion

Featuring cigars made in Honduras, Maya Selva Cigars were founded in 1995. They instantly became popular in Europe, drawing attention from cigar enthusiasts across the country. Now that Gabriel Alvarez is the Director of Sales, Maya Selva cigars are being noticed for their excellence in the US, earning Best Value Cigar From Honduras by the renowned Cigar Journal.

If you haven’t had the chance to try out Maya Selva cigars for yourself, now is the time. Cuenca Cigars has managed to make the cigars even more enticing with a new promotion. If you buy a box of one of the three Maya Selva brands (Maya Selva Flor de Selva, Maya Selva Cumpay, or Maya Selva Villa Zamorano), you get four free cigars (Maya Selva Flor de Selva Fino cigars) as well as a 20th Anniversary cigar cutter. When you buy a Maya Selva pack of five cigars, you get a lighter for free.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to smoke a great cigar for a great value. Take advantage of our promotion before it runs out!



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