What Makes Honduran Cigars Special?

maya selva honduranCountries like Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras all have something to offer when it comes to making a great cigar. For some reason though, Honduras is under appreciated. You’ll often hear about incredible Nicaraguan blends or aromatic Dominican fillers, but you rarely read about Honduran tobacco.

Honduras is actually home to some of the best tobacco, and the best cigars. It all started in the 60’s, when the revolution in Cuba forced cigar manufacturers out of the country. As Honduras has a warm, moist climate and good soil, it was a logical choice for cigar makers. The tobacco that grew on the Honduran land was rich and aromatic, and the cigars made with that tobacco were full of flavor.

There are a few big names that produce cigars in Honduras. Gurkha, Alec Bradley, and Camacho all make very high-quality Honduran cigars. Most Honduran cigars are full-bodied, satisfying smokers looking for a bold smoke.

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