Unleash The Matador Within With The Montecristo Estoque Cigar

MCEspadaEstoqueThe Montecristo brand brings high expectations. In addition to numerous other fantastic creations by Montecristo, the 2014 Montecristo Espada line of cigars was truly a gem. Then, the brand built on the line’s success with the launch of the Montecristo Espada Estoque cigar at the 2015 IPCPR.

The Estoque cigar isn’t just another size you can add to the Espada line. Instead, it’s a completely different blend. Like other cigars in the line, the Montecristo Estoque is made at the Plasencia factory, located in Nicaragua. Also like the other cigars, the Estoque is a Nicaraguan Puro. The creation of the Espada line marked the first time that Montecristo offered a puro and the first time it used the Plasencia factory for production.

The blend of the Montecristo Estoque cigar is special. It features rare Nicaraguan filler tobacco, like Corojo Seco from Esteli, and Binder from Jalapa (vintage 2002). With a Cuban seed viso wrapper (vintage 2013) from Jalapa, the cigar is like nothing you’ve smoked before. It’s a full-bodied, bold smoke. The name of the cigar harkens to the swords used by bullfighters in Spain, and the flavor can be compared to that.


Sadly, the Montecristo Estoque cigar is a limited edition cigar. There were only 5,000 boxes made, each box with only ten cigars. Unleash the matador within and buy yours from Cuenca Cigars for the best online prices.


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