Aging Room Ffortissimo M19 Combines Two Great Cigars

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Every year since 2013, Boutique Blends has showcased a new cigar in the Aging Room Ffortissimo line. Each cigar is strong, and made with tobacco aged for over 14 years. Each cigar has also been a success, and the newest addition is no exception.

The Ffortissimo M21 was 2013’s release. The Habano wrapper and strong blend made this cigar a hit, with a 93 rating. 2014’s addition to the Ffortissimo line was the M20. This box-pressed beauty rated a 91. For 2015, the Aging Room Ffortissimo M19 cigar combines qualities of both cigars. It has a beautiful Habano wrapper borrowed from the M21, and is box-pressed like the M20. Even the filler of the M19 has ties to both cigars- the filler from the M20 and M21 is combined in the blend.

So, for a quick recap, Ffortissimo M19 has a Habano wrapper, Dominican filler, Dominican binder, and aged tobacco. It’s a strong cigar for the experienced smoker. Like the other two Ffortissimo cigars, the M19 is limited edition. There are only 20,000 in circulation.

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Boutique Blends is a Miami based operation that blend , manufacture (Dominican Republic) and distribute various brands namely:

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