A Cuban Cigar From Nicaragua

Herrera Esteli bannerThere’s nothing like smoking a Cuban cigar they say! And now  Drew Estate has brought you a Cuban cigar that doesn’t come from Cuba. The Drew Estate Herrera Esteli cigar is a blend from Nicaragua that offers the Cuban experience.

The Drew Estate Herrera Esteli cigar was created by Willy Herrera. Originally from the El Titan De Bronze factory in Miami, Herrera knows cigars. Drew Estate hired him to work on a new blend from the company’s factory in Esteli.

Before the Herrera Esteli cigar was made, Willy Herrera worked on many different blends over the course of more than a year. Finally, perfection was found with the Drew Estate Herrera Esteli. The cigar has Nicaraguan fillers grown in Jalapa and Esteli and Honduran binders. The wrapper is an Ecuadorian Habano, but that’s not what makes the cigar so special.

This cigar is hand-rolled in the entubado style. This is regarded as one of the most difficult ways to roll a cigar, so a special team was brought in to roll all of the cigars in this line.

Get a taste of Cuba with this unique cigar. Buy your Drew Estate Herrera Esteli cigars for the best online prices from Cuenca Cigars.


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