Nica Rustica Cigar Showcases The Best Of Esteli

Nica Rustica Cigar Showcases The Best Of Esteli

Drew Estate has gone to some serious lengths to create a cigar that showcases the best of Esteli, Nicaragua. The Nica Rustica cigar debuted at the 2013 IPCPR with one goal in mind: to show what Esteli has to offer.

Available in only one size, a 6×52, the Nica Rustica cigar is something special. It features a binder from Mexico (a San Andres Negro) and filler tobacco from both Jalapa, Nicaragua and Esteli, Nicaragua. It looks similar to the Drew Estate’s Liga Privada, but where the Liga Privada had a Connecticut Darks Broadleaf wrapper, the Nica Rustica cigar uses a Connecticut Broadleaf Mediums wrapper.

This difference in wrappers may seem inconsequential, but it has a big impact on flavor. In fact, Drew Estate has gone through the trouble of buying tobacco plants in Connecticut just to make sure the mediums and darks are sorted properly.

This has contributed to the popularity of the cigar. At the 2015 IPCPR, two new sizes of the Nica Rustica cigar were released. You can now get the cigar in a bundle of 25 in size Belly 7 1/2x 54 and Short Robusto 4 1/2x 50.

Get a taste of a true Broadleaf Medium wrapper and try the Nica Rustica cigar. Get yours for the best online prices from Cuenca Cigars.

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