Holiday Shopping Is Easy With New Xikar Products

There’s no time like the present to start your holiday shopping. To help you check off your shopping list, Xikar has added some new accessories for cigar enthusiast.


Football fans can rejoice with an Xi1 cutter. The cutter comes in two-color combinations, made to represent your favorite football teams. Celebrate your team’s success with a cutter in team colors. (at the time this collection is not longer available but keep and eye on it)


Have you ever wanted a lighter that can withstand the elements? The EX lighter does just that. The durable exterior, available in Gunmetal, chrome silver, brushed silver and black, can handle your adventurous lifestyle. A windproof flame works in almost any environment, even high elevations.


The Vintage Bronze Collection is a great addition to Xikar lighters. The limited edition lighters include the Executive II, ELX, 5×64 Turrim, Pulsar and Trezo lighters. They’ve been bronzed and polished, and offer a classic take on a modern lighter.

Xikar_Holiday_Gift_Packs_minFor the whole package, you can get a Xikar gift package. There are six packages, each containing limited edition Xikar accessories. It’s perfect for any cigar lover.

Be prepared this holiday season, and get the best cigar accessories. For all of your cigar needs, shop Cuenca Cigars and get the best online prices.

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