Alec Bradley Sanctum Worth the Wait

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Alec Bradley first announced a new edition to his cigars, called Alec Bradley Sanctum at the 2014 IPCPR. However, enthusiastic smokers had to wait a whole year for the cigar line to be launched. At the 2015 IPCPR, Bradley launched Alec Bradley Sanctum and it was received with great anticipation.

Ralph Montero, the Executive Vice President of Alec Bradley, is the creator of the Alec Bradley Sanctum cigar blend. The cigar lives up to its namesake – the translation of “Sanctum” in Latin is “a sacred or holy place.” With a Honduran corojo wrapper, a binder from Costa Rica and Costa Rican and Nicaraguan fillers, the cigar truly does take you to a peaceful place. It’s sleek, has notes of clean tobacco and has sweet notes to balance it out.

Every little detail was accounted for with this cigar, even the band. The Alec Bradley Sanctum cigar has a double band that prevents you from damaging the wrapper when you remove it. The bottom band is connected to the cigar with tension, and the top band is connected with goma. The wrapper is unscathed when the band is removed.

Although five vitolas of Sanctum were originally announced in 2014, there are only four sizes in production. For the best online prices, you can get Alec Bradley Sanctum in Robusto, Double Gordo, Gordo and Toro from Cuenca Cigars.


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