A Unique Addition to Padrón Cigars with Padrón Damaso

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Padrón Cigars is almost exclusively known for producing cigars of the highest quality. With box-pressed and full-bodied cigars, Padrón has had success with cigar enthusiasts for 50 years. The newest addition, Padrón Damaso, is very different from the other cigars. Mild to medium-bodied, the cigar has an Ecuadorian Connecticut seed wrapper and isn’t box-pressed.

Most of the major cigar names seem to find something they do well and stick to it, so why did Padrón create such a different cigar? Jorge Padrón answered that question for Cigar Afficianado’s David Savona. “We want to give more people the chance to try Padrón cigars,” he said in an interview. “Hopefully we can get more people to try a Padrón product – some that may not otherwise have tried one; people that prefer milder cigars. And we can bring them into the Padrón family little by little.”

Despite the many differences between Padrón Damaso cigars and traditional Padrón cigars, the excellent quality remains the same. Instead of rushing to produce as many as he could, Padrón was “focusing on the quality, focusing on the taste.” Damaso is as high quality as the other brands and certainly not lacking in flavor. “It’s not a mild, mild cigar. It’s got some flavor to it. It’s not a one-dimensional product. It does taste like tobacco. It has characteristics that you would expect from a Padrón,” Padrón stated.

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