E.P Carrillo Short Run 2015 Cigars Now Available


Another limited edition cigar has been made available by a master of blends Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. The E.P Carrillo Short Run 2015 cigar was something dreamed up by Carrillo in the past, but has taken years to become a reality and its now available at Cuenca Cigars.

Every March, there is a limited edition cigar released in three sizes in the Short Run series. This year, the cigar comes in boxes of 24 and there will only be 1,500 boxes sold. To find out what you’re missing, read this Short Run Vencedores review.

Review of E.P Carrillo Short Run 2015 Vencedores

A medium to full-bodied cigar, the Short Run 2015 Vencedores has a unique Criollo 98 leaf wrapper from Jalapa. The wrapper is dark and it contrasts nicely with the bright band. This, combined with the lightness of the cigar, makes it appealing at first glance. Unlit, the cigar is earthy and has a coffee aroma.

Once lit, the Short Run 2015 cigar has strong cedar flavors. There are also nutmeg, cinnamon and licorice notes. A wood note is noticeable, and remains throughout the whole cigar. The flavor of nutmeg and cinnamon start to fade, until a flavor of dried apricot reveals itself. The flavors of this cigar are unique and very pleasant.

With only so many boxes available, get your hands on the E.P Carrillo Short Run 2015 while you can. For the best online prices, buy them at Cuenca Cigars in Napoleon, Vencedores or Imperios sizes.

This cigars were released during the 2015 IPCPR Trade Show.



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