Tatuaje Verocu Cigars Come Back


Tatuaje Verocu Cigars Come Back

Originally designed for limited release in 2007, the Tatuaje Verocu Lado Occidental and Tatuaje Verocu Zona del Este cigars were quite popular. Eight years later, Pete Johnson has relaunched and circulated six different sizes of the Tatuaje Verocu blend.

So that you know what to expect, take a look at a review of the Tatuaje Verocu # 3:

The wrapper of the Tatuaje Verocu is a Nicaraguan Rosado Oscuro. The filler and binder are also Nicaraguan, and the cigar is moderate to full-bodied.

The wrapper of the Tatuaje Verocu is visually appealing, given that darkness of it contrasts well against the silver and red of the label. It has an oily appearance and is begging to be smoked.

Unlit, the cigar produces an earthy and chocolate flavor. After lighting it, the chocolate flavor persists and there are some peppery notes. Then, a mocha flavor takes over and persists throughout the smoke. This cigar is best smoked slowly and steadily, as there is a strong leathery flavor when it is smoked quickly. Other flavors come as the cigar continues to burn, and this includes notes of cedar and black licorice.

Tatuaje Verocu cigars are part of the Havana VI range. Produced in Nicaragua at the My Father factory, each cigar is made carefully under the supervision of Pepin Garcia The Verocu cigars should be noted for their exemplary construction and complex flavors. The Tatuaje Verocu # 5 is an excellent choice for a 40-45 minute smoke. The Tatuaje Verocu # 5 is offered by Cuenca Cigars in boxes of 50. Keep an eye out for the Tatuaje # 1, # 2, # 3, # 4 and # 9. All Tatuaje Verocu Havana VI is now available at Cuenca Cigars.

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