The Big Payback. Big Rings. Big Flavor. Big Value. Available at Cuenca Cigars Online

room101 big payback



The Big Payback. Big Rings. Big Flavor. Big Value.

Room 101 The Big Payback is now available at Cuenca Cigars. Find yourselves living in the day and age of what I will refer to as the era of the engorged cigar. A cigar cannot be “too big” these days. This phenomenon reflects what is intrinsically ‘MURRICA, and a true value at the same time. We have calibrated some of the most exquisite Nicaraguan Tobaccos to rest within these oversized vessels comfortably, deliciously and then made easily accessible to the everyday aficionado. Over the past few years the Room101 Brand has come to be a success in a myriad of dimensions. Now I propose we give back to those that helped get us there in the first place. The cigars in this series are priced well below where they should be. This is Payback of a different sort – my payback to you for the support and dedication over the years. Room101 Big Payback Chavala, Box of 50 Cigars; 50 x 5 $4.95 $247.50 Room101 Big Payback Hueso – BX50 50 60 x 6 $5.95 $297.50 Room101 Big Payback Culero – BX30 30 70 x 7 $6.95 $208.50



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