Five Easy Ways to Become a Cuencarian!


Five Easy Ways to Become a Cuencarian

Ladies and Gentlemen!!!! Please get ready to rumble! Boys and Girls! Facebook friends and Cuencarians! We are proud to announce the 5 easy ways to become a Cuencarian! Please feel free to share this with your friends. They don’t want to miss it…… 🙂

We hope you enjoy our Challenge, because it is a badge of honor amongst the greatest of Cigar Smokers! To be a Cuencarian means that you are a true Cigar Connoisseur in the Cigar World! To be a Cuencarian means that you support all the Tabacconist across america and worldwide. To be a Cuencarian means you are a humble and loyal cigar afficionado and that you have plenty of love to share with everyone that somehow embrace the freedom to Smoke a Cigars or Freedom generally speaking.

These are the FIVE Easy Steps to Become a Cuencarian:
– Visit Cuenca Cigars either in Person or Online! Make sure if it is online you comment on our Facebook or review your favorite cigar on our Website!
– Smoke a Cuenca 5 Anniversary (You can Get it online here: Buy Cuenca 5 Anniversary Here
– Take a Picture in Front of the Store out on the Patio! (We still love you if you don’t live close to Hollywood! Photoshop works wonders! Make sure to show us your picture on Facebook!)
– Fill out the survey: Take the Survey Here!
– Be an active Fan on our Facebook Page! Like, Share, Comments are very welcome.
– Be friend with at least one Cuencarian. Miguel and Ana do not Count!
We look forward to you enjoying our Competition to become a Cuencarian!


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